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Surprisingly Affordable

For someone who is not used to the idea of private, Christian schools, our tuition rates might be surprising…

but in reality, they are surprisingly affordable by comparison:

Average Private

School Tuition:


Average Private
School Tuition in


Average Tuition of

the Four Closest

Private Schools

“Worth the Investment”

       ~ Parent of 2 Alumni (Classes of ’15 & ’18)

$ 6,875*

Annual tuition cost per student;
all grades (K-12), updated 1.1.20

$ 6,375*

$500 Discount
Cost per 2nd child from same family;

all grades (K-12).

$ 3,875*

$ 3,000 Discount
Cost per 3rd child from same family; all grades (K-12).
4th+ Child(ren) are FREE!

Preschool TuitionFinancial Aid Information

*Note: Fees & Discounts below

2019-20 Fees & Discounts

CCS accepts applications on a continuing basis when class space is available. Christian Community School seeks to strike a balance between quality of education and affordability for the family. When have contracted with a 3rd-party service to review applications for financial aid. Your information will be reviewed and considered on an as-need basis.


Annual Enrollment Fee per student: $200*
includes a $25 non-refundable application fee² for new students
Textbook Fee per student (K5-5th grade): $285¹
Textbook Fee per student (6th-12th grade): $385¹
Technology Fee per student (All grades): $165¹
Tuition Insurance Program: 2.5% of tuition³
Financial Aid Application Fee (Optional): $30²
Installment Fee A (10-Month Plan): $50*
Installment Fee B (Semi-Annual Plan): $20*

*Due at enrollment; only $100 if paid by 1/23

¹Due on July 1

²Due at application

³Due July 30

Apply Now OnlineTuition & Fees List [PDF]


JumpStart K5 Credit: $500
CCS Preschool Students only

Payment in Full: $150

Semi-Annual Payment Plan: $100

Grace Park Member’s Discount:

First Child: $300

Second Child: $300

Third Child: $300


Read this First: Grant & Aid Assessment Guide [PDF]
Apply for Assistance [FACTS website]

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