D3 Summer Camp

We are going to Summer camp this year!! It is on the campus of Boyce College and Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY, and it will be the most impactful week of your students’ life! Seriously. You HAVE to make a way to get to camp.

The theme this year is Devoted: Instructions to a Young Disciple
The D3 Youth Conference is a four-day summer experience on the campus of Boyce College, specifically designed for students who want to strengthen their faith. D3 provides biblical teaching from faithful speakers, team-oriented games, and dedicated discipleship track sessions on Leadership, Worldview, and Missions.

D3 2019 will walk students through Paul’s instructions to Timothy, a young disciple, encouraging him to set an example to others in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity, through being devoted to the reading and teaching of scripture. Join us for D3 2019 as we examine the book of 1 Timothy together, and learn what it means to be a devoted disciple of Christ.

Click HERE to register || Click “Join a Group” || Select the group: The Church at Grace Park || Enter the passcode: camp2019

More information about the D3 Youth Conference can be found here.

Please Please PLEASE make every effort to attend this camp.

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