Grow Groups

Growing in godliness is important to Jesus. When Paul was writing to Timothy, a young pastor, about how the church is to function, he urges Timothy to constantly remind the people to pursue godliness, and he says that if we keep these things in front of the people of the church, we are good servants of Christ Jesus. Paul also tells him that the church is designed to function as a pillar and buttress of truth, and that being a good servant of Christ Jesus is being trained in the words of the faith and of good doctrine. Sadly, many churches pursue many other things than what Paul described as the primary way a church should function. Training in godliness and truth are often set aside as secondary.

“If our students just had more activities” is a common mantra by many people in many churches. It is also the mindset that has consistently led to 70% of high school students dropping out of church when they enter college. Our culture tells us that we constantly need to be entertained. As sexual immorality crept its way from the culture into the Corinthian church, entertainment addiction has crept its way into today’s church. We have an entertainment problem because we have a discipleship problem.

What we need in the church……what you need…what your student needs…are redemptive, intentional, disciple-making relationships. If you want your child to actually care about Jesus, if you want to see passion overflowing in their hearts, if you want to see them finally plugged in, and if you don’t want to see them stray from the path of Christ, it will only truly happen through purposeful, disciple-making relationships. This is the biblical model.

We are starting Grow Groups to foster true discipleship through relationships. If you care about growing in Christ (if you are a student) or if you care about your child growing in Christ (if you are a parent), you must sign up and devote yourself to being in a Grow Group.


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