House Churches

Grace Park is going back! We are taking it all the way back to the early church, as seen in Acts, and we are gathering as house churches on Sunday nights. We don’t just want adults to participate in this, but we want all students to be a part of a house church as well. Students are welcome to attend house church with their parents, but we are starting off with a separate middle school and high school house church that we would love each student to be a part of.

Once these groups become too full, we will add more groups (and once we have more host home adult volunteers).

Right now, on Sunday nights we are having a High School house church at Shawn and Cindy Oakley’s house, and we are having a Middle School house church at Derek and Grace Couts’ house.

House churches start Sunday, November 4 and are from 5-7pm.

Please REGISTER so we can more easily contact you and so our leaders can prepare for you!