FIGHT (a series on spiritual warfare)

God has been working in incredible ways during this last month at The Well. Our topic of study has been spiritual warfare.

We have seen that our enemy and the battle is real (our enemies are this world, our flesh, and Satan), our need to know and understand our enemy’s tactics, be equipped in training and with armor, and our need to FIGHT. We have also seen how to FIGHT. We are to link up with one another, taking the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God), trusting God amidst our battles, recounting His promises, knowing that He is with us and fighting for us. Also, we learned from Brother Channing about a powerful and necessary tool for fighting the enemy, one that has been used for thousands of years, and one of which our students and students of this culture have ceased to utilize: singing. I love this quote he said: “Nothing makes the devil more mad than when Christians sing the truth of the gospel.” Amen and amen!

Many students have begun reading The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. We actually had so much interest that we had to send in 3 separate orders for the book! It’s not the easiest read, but it is an incredibly creative look into spiritual warfare. It is a fictional account of a senior demon and a junior demon writing letters back and forth about their dealings and tactics of leading humans astray. I would highly recommend you reading this book as well with your child, talking with them about what you are learning or what is standing out to you and how you both can FIGHT using the tactics you are learning.

One of the greatest tools for you to FIGHT then enemy for life of your child is for you to pray. Pray for them daily. Pray for their minds to be held captive by the Word of God. Pray for them to have a passion for God that outweighs their passion for this world. Pray for their purity of mind and body, and that they would be able to resist temptation. Pray that they would know and remember the promises and goodness of God amidst every good and bad moment in their life. Also, next to praying, the greatest tool you can use to FIGHT the enemy with your child is to talk about God. This is what makes demons shudder! Seek to bring conversations about God into everyday happenings, not just devotional time at night (which would be an awesome idea to start if you aren’t already doing this!).

I know you want the best for your child. So does God. If you FIGHT He will be there right next to you every step of the way. So, let’s FIGHT!

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